Marketers are leaving no stone unturned to find out new and innovative ways to promote their products and create a brand perception in the minds of their consumers. In a recent bid to bring what we call ‘an out of the world experience’ the popular fast food chain KFC is planning to send a chicken sandwich into space with the help of a high-altitude balloon. KFC is partnering with World View, a company that makes stratollites or high-altitude balloons on the project. According to KFC, its Zinger chicken sandwich is scheduled to take flight on or after June 21. The launch of the KFC Zinger will be broadcasted online.Also Read - Yuck! Woman Finds Chicken Head With Eyes And Beak in KFC Meal Box. Picture Goes Viral

A promotional website has been created that gave information that the Zinger 1 Space Mission will take the chicken sandwich to new heights, specifically 80,000 feet straight up into space. Rob Lowe has been roped in to play KFC founder Colonel Sanders and launch the chicken sandwich into space. KFC released a video of Rob Lowe dressed as Colonel Sanders and wrote in the description, “When your spicy, crispy chicken sandwich is already world famous, there’s only one place left to go. And that’s space. That’s right, KFC’s new Zinger chicken sandwich is going to space. Sorry to ruin the surprise for you, but some people only read the descriptions on these things, and we just wanted to be clear about this.” They also took to their Twitter account and shared the news, “Here is your first official look at the Zinger’s space vessel. Yes, we are actually building this. #SpaceSandwich.” Giant flying turkey bigger than kangaroos once roamed Australia! Also Read - Purrfect! Video of a Cat Relishing a KFC Chicken Bucket Goes Viral | Watch

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Check video of the Zinger in the giant hypobaric chamber.

World View co-founder Taber MacCullum said that this is “one-of-a-kind marketing experiment” and allows the company to reach out to a more mainstream audience. He said, “The Stratollite was created to deliver more routine and meaningful access to space for all, and this mission allows us to give edge-of-space access to a commercial customer that would previously deem a project like this unimaginable.” Selfies no longer acceptable in Sri Lanka, Government will arrest people found taking selfies near train tracks

Twitter obviously had a lot to say on the matter:

KFC is sure taking on a whole new world. What a time to be alive and kicking, no? Tell us your comments below.