New Delhi: Needless to say, mosquitoes are the most irritating and the most hated creatures on our planet! As a vector for diseases like malaria, dengue fever, Chikungunya, and Zika virus, they are responsible for over 700,000 human deaths annually. On a daily basis, they make our lives difficult with their constant buzzing sounds and annoying bites. Though there are many lotions, sprays and repellants available in the market, not all of them are effective. Talking of the ways to get rid of mosquitoes, a Twitter user recently shared a hilarious way to trap those deadly creatures using salt and tequila!Also Read - This Australian Scientist Lets Thousands of Infected Mosquitoes Bite Him to Find Cure For Dengue!

She explained that the mosquito would land on the salt, believing it to be sugar. It will then feel thirsty and jump into the cap, thinking it was water. It will then trip on the stick because it was ‘drunk’ and then bang its head on the rock and die.

In a tweet, the user who goes by the name Judianna wrote, ”Mosquito trap. The mosquito lands on the salt, thinking it’s sugar. They get thirsty for water, but the cap has tequila in it. The mosquito gets drunk, trips on the stick and bangs its head on the rock.”  The user also shared a witty hashtag #IAmGoingToBeRichWithThisPatent along with the post.

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In another tweet, she wrote, ”For the record – this joke has been around for years. I’m just happy so many people are enjoying and sharing it. We all need a laugh, right?”

The funny technique has gone viral, with more than 2,258 likes and more than 550 retweets. Her post also got hilarious comments, with many listing out other silly and absurd ways to kill a mosquito, and others calling it genius.

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Well, are you willing to try it?