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There is no limit when it comes to creativity. Kim Kardashian’s photo shoot that was clicked to break the internet with her bare butt is put to use in quite an unique manner. United States is observing heavy snowfall at this time of the year and you would be shocked to see how Kim’s butt is acting as ‘a means’ to help people ‘wipe out’ the snow from the roads. (X-Rated: Kim Kardashian reads out excerpts from Fifty Shades of Grey on a radio show in Perth!) Also Read - Were 'Modi, Modi' Chants Really Raised in Pakistan Parliament? Here's What Happened

Here is a video showing how cleaning the snow from the American streets can be all fun and no work – thanks to the Kim Kardashian’s bare-booty statue! After watching this, you will definitely accept that the concept of using Kim’s statue as snowblower and the mind blowing creativity will leave in you in splits. Also Read - 1 Lakh Participants From 115 Countries: 'Grace Cancer Run' by Hyderabad-Based Foundation Sets 2 Guinness Records

Apart from snowblower, a company called ‘Catalyst Prep’ that develops funny, creative ways to help students outsmart exams like the SAT and ACT in US has created SAT geometry problems modeled after Kim’s derriere as it appears in the famous champagne shot from Paper.

With the video going viral, one expects more imaginative people coming forward with more interesting ideas about how to use Kim’s a**. However, the snowblower is considered as creativity but it is more like a dirty trick to draw attention.

Watch the video to judge by yourself: