We’ve often been told that teamwork makes any work easier and any load lighter. A team of people guided by a common goal and objective can achieve greatest of feats and conquer tremendous impossible dreams. Trying to prove this Kiran Bedi today shared an adorable and thought-provoking video on her Twitter account that provides proof that any job can be made easier if there are many hands to help and do. The former IPS officer and Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, Kiran Bedi shared a small animated video that showcases the importance of teamwork and unity. The video highlights the importance of unity and netizens loved the message that it delivers. Also Read - Watch | Hindi Rap Song 'Bhartiya Rail' That Showcases India's Unity In Diversity Launched

The film showcases a group of ladybugs that accomplish a tough task when they attempt it together. The video is only 1.30 minutes long but it shows a ladybug trying to help another from getting the right side up but is unable to pull the insect on its legs. Eventually, it flies to a group of ladybugs who go to the rescue of the upturned ladybug. They land on a leaf and lower it towards the upturned ladybug and help it get up on its legs. Kiran Bedi shared the video with the words, “The world’s shortest film. It is only 1:30 seconds. The director took only 30 min to complete it but the message it tries to give is amazing. Not to b missed.” Elephant Plays Mouth Organ in Coimbatore, Adorable Video Becomes Viral Also Read - This Video of an Old Woman Dancing Merrily at Pongal Celebrations Is Going Viral | Watch

Watch the video here:

Twitter users loved Kiran Bedi’s tweet and the video and hailed the message of unity that the clip delivered. Sample a few tweets below.

Everything is possible in unity

Unity is the best policy

In a diverse country like India, unity is one value that we all should adhere to and with this video Kiran Bedi has proved once again that no obstacle is difficult for people who work together in unity with a common zeal and goal. A video like this goes a long way in making people realise that even though we might be divided by our differences we all should be united in teh face of working towards a common and higher goal.