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After mocking Delhi, Mumbai and Gujarati girls, Being Indian has finally come up with some sensible work that questions the double standards of the society. The video slams the moral policing and those opposing public display of affection in a sarcastic way. ‘Kiss Of Love’ campaign which began in Kerala against moral policing, received good response from the youth. But there is a section of the society which feels that kissing or hugging in public is a social offence. Also Read - Odisha Man Learns Robbery Techniques From YouTube, Loots 2 Banks to Repay His Loans

The video takes on the moral police by raising some uncomfortable questions how we give importance to issues like Kiss of Love while turn a blind eye to real problems around us. The video asks why expressing love in public is a social offence while crimes like molestation and drunken driving are still acceptable in our society. Also Read - Man Chants 'Modiji, Modiji' For 24 Hours Straight on YouTube Live to Celebrate PM Modi's Birthday

The video asks when kissing is all about love why is there so much hullaballoo about it and why is there a need to be against it? If people really want to bring changes in the society, they should be more concerned about the real problems that are plaguing the society.

Watch the terrific video below and decide for yourself!