The funny man Zakir Khan is here again to make a point in his own comic style. Internet trolls are the favourites of everyone who is on or away from internet. They affect us, they change our opinions, make us agree to them and just when you thought you have you mind made up on certain issue, it throws you into another area of arguments and is ready to make you change your opinion.Also Read - Best Indian Stand-Up Comic Videos of 2017: Watch Them to Celebrate New Year's Eve if You're Not Planning to go Out

With illustrated scenes, Zakir gives you the much needed reality check of the internet world. In one his earlier stage act, he said Internet pe ek toh potty( rephrased for clean drive, as we are in no mood to ‘fly’ here and there) bahut hai! (Internet is full of shit). We could not agree with him more! As sad as it may sound, but this is the truth of the hour, mudslinging of agreement and disagreement digs shit holes and makes each one of us it’s victim. Also Read - Rahul Gandhi's 'Aloo To Sona' Speech Goes Viral And Twitterati Bursts With Hilarious Memes

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Some wise man said, words are powerful, use them carefully! The webbed virtual world with anonymity as its biggest power has even left words behind in the race. There are situations when many of us are left in delusion to say or not say? If say, then what we should say and if not then what should we not say. (ALSO READ: AIB Diwas: Zakir Khan shares tips on wooing city women)

Basically, not saying anything at all is never an option in this scenario, because being intellectual is the new guitar. And, not all those who play guitar, are musicians.

So, the amazing stand-up comedian in his latest video gives you the word, you can use whether you disagree or agree with something which is so called trending on internet. The wise words are “koi baat nahi”.

Watch the Koi Baat Nahi video here: