While the citizens were still wrapping their heads around the shocking Instagram chat ‘Boys Locker Room‘, glorifying rape and misusing pictures of minor girls, by Delhi’s schoolgoing boys, another similar incident cropped up in Kolkata. A Twitter user turned whistleblower for Boys Locker Room 2.0 and surprisingly called it an “open secret” among college students in the city who misused photos of minor girls through Google Drive. It was reportedly started by a student of Kolkata’s prominent educational institution, Jadavpur University (JU). Also Read - Procure And Stock PPE Kits, Oxygen Masks For 3 Months, Delhi Govt Directs Hospitals Amid Rise in COVID-19 Cases

On her Twitter handle under the pseudoname Aiyoobrows, she had revealed, “What south Delhi boys do in the form of #boyslockerroom, Kolkata men take it a step further and create a Google drive account using pictures of women. These men are well-known in the Kolkata MUN and debating circles. They have been doing this shit for years now. Being from a premier institution and winning multiple awards doesn’t absolve them of doing this. Stories of this has been doing the rounds in the university and in some cases even outside the university for a long time now, but since it is near impossible for the women to gain access to it as proof, no one has been able to muster the courage to out them to this day (sic).” Also Read - Come Out of Illusion, Delhi is in Community Transmission Stage, Says Ex-ICMR chief

In her confession, the poor girl added, “The drive was started by Souryadeep Basak who was actively involved in the MUN circuit. Imankalyan Ghosh also has access to it. I’m sure there are more people who have access to it but I don’t know their names.” Quickly clarifying her tweet, the girl shared the next day, “Yesterday I tweeted about Imankalyan Ghosh showing pictures from the Gdrive to someone from NUJS. I’d like to clarify that the person in question was not in any way involved in this. He is merely a witness, and here’s his testimony of what transpired between Iman and him (sic).”

Revealing how, after being called out, a lot of perpetrators were apologizing, Aiyoobrows stood up for the very trauma that the culprits had put girls of her age through several years of college. In her recent tweets she wrote, “People who are acting surprised at this whole Google Drive thing involving Souryadeep Basak are probably not aware that men like him have existed in every college, every extra-curricular society, and have been sheltered by people who have deified them. This toxic culture needs to be called out and it will. People need to stop excusing predatory behaviour just because these men have good grades and are famous. And to men like him, I have one thing to say. Your #TimesUp (sic).”

In an interview with News18, Aiyoobrows shared, “I never told anyone about the picture I’d sent or that exchange. Then, almost two years later, someone mentioned that they had seen it. In 2018, a classmate of mine posted her #MeToo story when I offered my solidarity to her. I mentioned that there are toxic men everywhere. During the course of the conversation, she said that she knew about the photograph. I was shocked. I had literally told nobody about it in college. Multiple people had seen it. She told me the debating society and the MUN committees knew about the existence of a ‘drive’ which was an “open secret.” Classmates of mine had seen my picture through K, another classmate of mine. My classmates had seen my picture and they didn’t think it was important enough to tell me.”

Another girl revealed to the news agency of how the person that Aiyoobrows had shared her intimate picture with, boasted about his “conquests” as he flaunted the drive consisting of women’s photos before his group of friends. The word “conquests” referred in the group to the multiple women that this former JU student had encounters with, whose nudes or semi-nude pictures he had kept. The girl shared, “We were disgusted and made it clear that we were not interested to see the drive. I was in the first year back then and did not really have the courage to oppose him. We were dumbfounded, and I chose to ignore it back then.”

A junior of the boy, told her shocking side of the story, “One afternoon, I was hanging out with him and we had had a few drinks. He tried to get sexual, but I stopped him. At night, he texted me again. Soon, one thing led to another and I had sent him a photo of my bare back. Later, his then-girlfriend found out about it and confronted me. But what was shocking is, very soon, the whole university had found out about it. He keeps the photos as trophies of his conquests. The fact that everyone in college suddenly knew about my involvement with him was not bothering me as much as the fact that a private conversation, a photo meant to be between the two of us only, had been circulated and had been made public.”

Owning up to possessing the Google Drive, the boy told News18, “I wanted to back everything that was on my phone, up to a cloud platform, especially since I have an unfortunate habit of losing my phones. This included my official documents, lab assignments, PDFs, and a host of other things. I am convinced that no one else was privy to the contents of my drive, I also am surprised at how a third party could have shown photos that were allegedly on my drive.”