In what may be a rare occurrence in a dispute over pets, police in Madhya Pradesh’s Hoshangabad district plan to subject a Labrador to a DNA test after two people claimed ownership and the dog signaled recognition at both of them. Also Read - 6 Charged Under NSA Over Illicit Liquor Trade in Bhopal

As per police, while journalist Shadab Khan said he had brought the dog from Panchmarhi hill station, Kartik Shivhare, who claims to be associated with the ABVP, said he got it from Babai, both in Hoshangabad, some 80 kilometres from here. Also Read - Dog Waits 6 Days Outside Hospital For Owner Undergoing Treatment Before Emotional Reunion

“We have collected blood samples of the dog as well as the canine from Panchmarhi who fathered it as per papers held by Khan, and a team will leave for Hyderabad tonight for the DNA test,” Hoshangabad Dehat police station inspector Hemant Shrivastava said. Also Read - Man Spends Nearly ₹ 30K to Treat His Dog's Limping Only to Realize it was Copying him 'Out of Sympathy'

Khan said the dog with the shiny black coat, who he had named Coco, had gone missing in August and he had filed a police complaint, though Shrivastava said his police station had no record of such a complaint.

Shrivastava, however, said Khan called up police last week claiming he had seen his “missing” Labrador at Shivhare’s place. Khan had taken away the dog showing its registration number at the time but, on November 19, Shivhare approached police saying the dog’s name was Tiger and that he had bought it from Babai on August 11.

Since the dog was friendly to both claimants, a DNA test was decided upon by both of them, the official said. The dog, at the moment, is with Shivhare, he added