Cartoons have certainly defied age groups this COVID-19 quarantine as with nothing better to do, the netizens were seen agitating on cartoon character Chhota Bheem’s decision to marry Indumati instead of Chutki, his childhood love. Even those working from home couldn’t help but join in the trend #JusticeForChutki as they tried to pair her up with other famous cartoon characters like Nobita.Also Read - Is Delta Variant of Coronavirus Linked to The Onset of New Diabetes Cases?

Remember India’s famous cartoon character Chhota Bheem who was the hero of his village and his friend Chutki who was the village belle? Well, Twitter is definately angry that the former ditched her to tie the knot with Indumati. Also Read - Third Wave of Corona May Hit India This Month, Likely to Peak in October: Experts Who Predicted Second Wave

Taking to their respective handles on Twitter, a number of users poured out their anger seriously and with hilariously genuine emotions. While one user accused, “Bheem played with chutki’s emotions & conveniently married indumati in the end. What were u doing the whole time wid chutki? Celebrating Christmas? Ate her laddoos, made her fight wid her own mom, made her risk her own life for u so many times! Chose money? #JusticeForChutki”, another tweeted, “#JusticeForChutki Chutki deserves a saccha ashiq like Nobita Now i ship #NoTki (sic)” and yet another wrote, “Why makers why have u done this? Bheem nd chutki made for each other.. Bheem can’t marry indumati The way chutki care nd love bheem.. She deserves same in return #Bhutki is couple goals #JusticeForChutki (sic).” Also Read - Hair Loss Due to COVID-19 - What You Immediately Need to Know

Check out Twitter’s hilarious agitation here?

Others however, trolled the trend and flooded Twitter with hilarious memes.

Don’t look at us, we are totally speechless at this insanity!