An enchanting video of ice shattering on frozen Lake Superior in Minnesota has been posted on Youtube by RadiantSpiritGallery. The video has been filmed by Dawn M. LaPointe, who is known as RadiantSpiritGallery on Youtube. Also Read - Republic Day 2021: ITBP Jawans March With Indian Tricolour at 17,000 Feet in Frozen Ladakh | Watch Video

At Canal Park this phenomenon has been recorded by LaPointe. When high winds force sheets of ice to move onto the shoreline, ice stacking occurs. According to LaPointe four hours of steady 12- to 15-mph winds led to ice shattering. There were minus degrees windchill during the two hours of filming. LaPointe said that she saw the ice segments sparkling and the smoke whisking across the surface of the lake by the breeze. Also Read - Varun Dhawan's Sherwani by Manish Malhotra, Natasha Dalal's Lehenga by Her Own Label - Wedding Look Decoded

Dawn M. LaPointe wrote on YouTube that “I anticipated there would be some ice stacking as the massive sheets of ice met the rugged shorelines, so I headed to Brighton Beach.” “The big lake did not disappoint!” (ALSO WATCH: 7 must have apps for good health, wellness and perfect life!) Also Read - Varun Dhawan Makes Natasha Dalal Blush by Saying THIS in Front of The Paps - Watch Video

She also added “The seemingly endless ice sheets broke into large plates and stacked on shore, sounding much like breaking glass.” “The sights and sounds were incredible!”

On February 13, 2016 this video has been posted and till date it has been viewed almost 755,206 times on YouTube and it is trending on Twitter and Facebook as well. Enjoy watching this hypnotizing video!