New Delhi: A number of Hawaii residents were left baffled as they spotted and recorded a bright blue, glowing oblong unidentified flying object hovering above the skies of Oahu recently, just before the object fell into the ocean, said a report.Also Read - Viral Video: Lion Cub Learns How to Roar, Instead Makes The Cutest Sounds Ever. Watch

According to Hawaii News Now, the sighting occurred last Tuesday (December 29) evening as videos showing a strange mass both in the sky and water erupted online. A few witnesses even called 911 and also the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) which later confirmed it had not received reports of overdue or missing aircraft. Also Read - Viral Video: Shocking Moment House Collapses Into River in China During Floods. Watch

A resident, Misitina Sape, who captured one of the videos in Nanakuli, can be heard saying, “Something is in the sky. What is that?” as per  Hawaii News Now. Meanwhile, another woman named Moriah also saw the object passing over Princess Kahanu Estates and told HNN: “I look up and then I was like oh s***! I started calling my husband and them because they were all in the garage. I was like hey. Come look up there. See if you see what I see. They all said yea! I don’t know what it was… This one was going so fast.” Also Read - Viral Video: AC Stops Working on Mumbai-Bound GoAir Flight, 3 Passengers Faint. Watch

The 38-year-old said she had never really been a believer in UFOs, but the bright blue object had them so intrigued they jumped in the car and started following it.

In one of Moriah’s videos people can hear her say, “(It) went land in the water. Whatever it is.” She described it as being larger than a telephone pole and says she never heard it make any sound.

“We called 911,” Moriah said, “For have like one cop or somebody for come out and come check them out.”

However, FAA spokesperson Ian Gregor said the agency received reports from police Tuesday night about a possible plane down in the area “but had no aircraft disappear off radars. And no reports of overdue or missing aircraft.