Deforestation, global warming, poaching and depletion of our natural resources have cost us dearly because many species of animals are now either on the verge of extinction or on the endangered list. Over the years we have lost many species of flora and fauna and the main cause for such calamity is probably human interference. In our greed for hoarding treasures, hunting and clearing forests we ended up killing many animals. In a heart-wrenching post a biologist named Daniel Schneider took to Twitter to post a picture of the last male Northern White Rhino called Sudan sitting alone in a droopy state and shows what extinction actually looks like. The picture speaks volumes and soon became viral on Twitter with people tweeting about the rhino. However, there was no dearth of stupid insensitive people who did not feel the gravity of the situation.Also Read - Mosquirix - World's 1st Malaria Vaccine Approved by WHO. All You Need to Know

The last male Northern White Rhino resides in a reserve in Kenya called the Ol Pejeta Conservancy with two other female Northern White Rhino but the male rhino is too old at 44 years to actually have any chance of breeding. Biologists have tried artificial insemination but two individuals can’t save an entire race. Daniel Schneider wrote on Twitter, “Want to know what extinction looks like? This is the last male Northern White Rhino. The Last. Nevermore.” Leucistic Rare White Giraffes Captured On Video For The First Time Ever In Ishaqbini Hirola Conservancy In Kenya Also Read - 3 Rare Rothschild's Giraffe Die Of Electrocution in Kenya

The Viral Tweet

Northern White Rhinos are poached for their ivory horns and Sudan has a low sperm count since he is pretty old hence he can’t reproduce with the female rhinos. Daniel Schneider’s tweet generated 44,553 retweets and 43,901 likes with more than 1,700 comments. His tweet generated a lot of melancholic and sad tweets from people who were upset about the piece of news. However, there were some who in their ignorance spouted venom. Sample a few reactions below. Also Read - Against Homophobia: Supermodel Aweng Ade-Chuol Kisses Her Wife on Cover of Elle Magazine

Hoping beyond hope

Two individuals can’t save a species

Such ignorance

Hunted to extinction

This one seriously needs to sort his priorities

Well, he tried his best to give guidance

The doom is approaching

Logic, per se?

This tweet is the best

This is so sad

These stories kill us little by little

Biologists and zoologists are trying for artificial insemination and maybe the species might get revived, but the glimmer of hope is really very bleak as Sudan is the last male alive and his sperm count is low. It is really tragic to know that because of humans another species of animal is going to get extinct, at least dinosaurs were killed by a meteor. We wonder when would mankind realize the harm that we have done to our environment and fellow creatures.