Ayub Akhtar, a cab driver in London, died due to the coronavirus on last Friday, a week after developing symptoms of COVID-19. The 33-year-old cab driver had no history of any ailment and he died after a woman ‘repeatedly coughed’ in his cab a week before he got hospitalised. In a report published by Daily Mail, Ayub’s brother Yaseer explained the ordeal and how his brother had to go through extremely painful times despite being healthy and dedicated to his work. Also Read - ‘O Corona, Kabhi Mat Aana’: Mumbai Police Shares Stree Inspired Meme to Spread Awareness on COVID-19

Yaseer Akhtar revealed the last message that Ayub sent to the family before taking his last breath in the ICU of the St. George’s Hospital in Tooting. He mentioned that even though none of the family members could meet him at the hospital due to the infection, all of them knew that his condition was deteriorating because he used to take over a day to answer a text. Yaseer said his last message read, ‘I am really scared… pray for me’, adding that “it has all happened so quick. It destroyed him.” Also Read - UP Man Commits Suicide As He Was Missing His Wife Stuck at Her Parents' Place Due to Lockdown

Ayub Akhtar was unmarried and was working hard to help pay for an extension of their house in London. He was born in Wakefield, Yorkshire, in a Muslim family who came to London in the mid-twenties. He was single and living in Norwood, South London, with his mother and siblings. Also Read - After Go Corona, Corona Go, Ramdas Athawale Comes up With New Covid-19 Slogan

Yaseer went on to mention how Ayub had got the hint that he was going to be infected with the virus after he dropped the woman who kept coughing in his cab. “He told us about the lady coughing behind him in his Prius a few days before and that he was worried about it. Then the coughing with him started and he felt cold the whole time. We had the central heating on the whole time to help him. I could hear his painful coughing from his bedroom at night and that he was struggling for breath,” Yaseer explained.

The brother also said Ayub was too scared when he was admitted to the hospital because he just couldn’t breathe while the doctors were asking him to try and breathe with his lungs. The family has not been able to do Ayub’s funeral because the hospital has not allowed them to see him yet. They have created a crowdfunding Facebook page to help with Ayub’s funeral expenses. May his soul rest in peace!