Often when an individual talks about sportswear and accessories, he fells shorts of brands after uttering Nike, Adidas, Reebok, or Puma. The less than a minute sees a new brand been launched in India, which will cater to all sections of the sports fraternity, irrespective of the price bracket. The video shows how a young guy sweats it out by sporting an ‘Alcis’ gear. Also Read - Tired of Bending to Tie Your Shoes? Nike Has a Good News for You with the Launch of its All-New Hands-free Shoe

Not too much is revealed as yet as the company have their eyes on competing with Adidas and Reebok soon. Its YouTube channel describes the video as ‘This brand was born to celebrate uniqueness and authenticity when it comes to performance and sports’. Will this brand be able to lock horns with the already existing giant companies is for time to tell, but after watching this video, it is for sure that you will venture out wearing your sports gear TO SWEAT IT OUT/ FOR UNSTOPPABLE PERFOMANCE. Also Read - 'Should Have Done My Research': Cardi B Apologises After Receiving Backlash For 'Goddess Durga' Look

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