On Thursday, a heartrending story of a man in Himachal Pradesh who sold his cow, the only source of income of his family, to buy a smartphone for his children’s education, went viral. Moved by his sacrifice, help poured in from different quarters, as people came forward to provide monthly assistance to the family for education of their children. Also Read - Sacrifice For Education: Himachal Man Sells Cow to Buy Smartphone For Online Studies of His Children

One of them was film star Sonu Sood, who in recent months has emerged as the saviour of the poor and suffering and selflessly helped thousands of migrant workers and students reach their homes.

After reading about the plight of the man in a news article, Sonu offered to help get the cows back and asked for the man’s contact details on Twitter.

”Let’s get this guy’s cows back. Can someone send his details please,” he wrote on Twitter.

As per a Tribune report, Sonu Sood transferred money to the man’s account after obtaining details from the reporter.

People on Twitter were all praises for the actor and appreciated him going one step further, and coming to the rescue of the poverty-stricken man.

Notably, Kuldeep Kumar was forced to sell his cow, a substantial source of income, for just Rs 6,000 to buy a smartphone so that his two children could attend online classes.

“With the switch from classroom teaching to online education, teachers are putting pressure on us that if you want to pursue education for your children, you have to buy a device. With no means of getting a smartphone with our meagre means, we finally decided to sell a cow,” he said.

Selling the cow was the last resort for him as he had knocked on banks and private lenders to get a loan to buy a smartphone but in vain.

Now, with all the help pouring in, hope he gets his cows back!