Voicing the ordinary everyday concerns in the most hilarious manner, YouTuber and NBC’s talk show host, Lilly Singh was out with a hoarding to put across a subtle request as she worked from home this Wednesday. While US super-skater⁣, Adam Rippon, wanted the message to be screamed “from the mountain tops”, its accuracy was felt “on a spiritual level” by American entrepreneurs Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight.Also Read - MrBeast's Buried Alive For 50 Hours is The Most Viewed YouTube Video of 2021. See the Top 10 List

Taking to her Instagram handle, early Wednesday morning, Lilly shared a picture of herself with the hoarding which is too hilarious to miss. Sporting a pokerface, Lilly held a cardboard piece above her head outside a door. The message on the cardboard read, “Stop making me request permission to open Google docs (sic)” and all of us working from home this quarantine feel it should be said louder for those at the back. Also Read - US Man Orders Indian Street Food In Fluent Bengali, Enjoys Mishti, Puchka & Roshogulla | Watch

The trend was started by Seth Phillips and Jerry Media founder Elliot Tebele who took to the streets of New York City’s SoHo neighborhood and held a cardboard sign with the message, “Stop replying-all to company-wide emails.” Soon an account was created on Instagram specifically for these protests. Crediting Seth for the inspiration, Lilly captioned the post, “Please tag my entire team” and added in comments, “Thanks for the inspiration @dudewithsign (sic).” Also Read - Delhi YouTuber Enters Vrindavan's Sacred 'Nidhivan Raj' at Night & Shoots Video, Arrested

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Please tag my entire team.

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Always cracking up fans in a jiffy, it is beyond imagination to think that YouTube sensation and chat show host Lilly Singh might also have a dull day which she recently did but not before finding her way out. Setting the example for the rest of the entertainers and netizens out there, Lilly shared a super cool and strong admission which is hands down our quarantine motivation. In it, Lilly elaborated on how mean comments keep flooding in and continue to drain her but gratitude and love for those who appreciate her work is the way forward.

She ditched her pseudo name, Superwoman, last year. Lilly Singh‘s latest feat as the host of NBC’s talk show has done little to amp her outlook as a mature adult as she continues to be recognised for her unmatchable sense of humour. The star’s A Little Late with Lilly Singh streams on NBC at the 1:30 am spot. It was aired in India on September 21 and has been a major hit to amp up her fan list.

Under the ongoing global lockdown, our parents have all turned into experts overnight courtesy the Whatsapp university, when it comes to curing COVID-19 and Lilly Singh‘s mother is no different. Seeking expert’s advice directly, Lilly Singh posed some desi questions to Dr. Fauci regarding the coronavirus scare and the myth busting that followed, had fans in tears of laughter.

From pointing out that ‘haldi’ or tumeric does not cure the virus, as many “Aunty Ji” would like to believe to giving a thumbs down to even ginger and use of other local herbs, Dr Fauci makes it clear that this is no seasonal flu and needs the remedies to scale up. Taking to her Instagram handle, Lilly shared the light-hearted video which is a must watch.

The shortage of masks and other safety gears has put much pressure on the countries apart from the stress to come up with a vaccine that can aid in treating the pandemic. In such chaos and gloom, Lilly’s videos are enough to take us through the rest of the days.