A lion’s roar is the most powerful and terrifying sound that can be heard in the wildlife. Called the King of Jungle, the big cat is an epitome of immense power and strength. A human cannot dream of an encounter with a lion without being shred into hundreds of pieces but thanks to wildlife reserves seeing these enormous Wildcats is possible. But see this guy in the video who is abusing his great fortune to witness a giant Asiatic Lion so near safely. The occupant is consistently seen teasing the mighty lion walking in parallel to the traveller’s vehicle. Well, what happens next is something that is scary and much-needed to the say the least. Lion attacks safari vehicle in Karnataka’s Bannerghatta National Park; close shave for tourists (Watch Video).Also Read - Terrifying! Man Jumps Inside Lion Enclosure at Hyderabad Zoo to 'Search For Hidden Diamonds' | Watch

Sight-seeing in the Gir Forest National Park in India, a man spotted an Asiatic lion enjoying his walk. Like most of the annoying humans, he starts filming the sight of the King of Jungle with his window down. The video clip which was released in September 2016 shows the dude non-stop chirping making absolute sense of the situation. Failing to understand that the world’s most fearsome animal is just a few feet away from him, the guy continues with his irrational approach. Also Read - Viral Video: Lion Spotted Walking Out of Public Toilet, Leaves Netizens Amused | Watch

Well as we approach the end of the video clip, we see the lion had enough of little human’s daredevilry and silly antics. We see the large wildcat with mighty mane stop and face the person with the camera recording the lion’s next moves. The lion growls and trust us it a small tiny roar by the mighty King of the Jungle. Also Read - Way of The Wild: Viral Video Shows 6 Hungry Lions Climbing Tree & Fighting For a Deer | Watch

The little roar was enough to send shivers down the person’s spine who is heard saying, “OMG I’m I almost just died.” Well, you are not supposed to stalk the ferocious lion, and we hope the person learnt his lessons. It is almost an overwhelming experience to watch the powerful predator in front of our eyes but we forget to acknowledge their immensely strong presence. Taking photographs and recording videos from a protective safe enclosure and annoying the hell out of the animals is certainly not a cool idea.