Jhansi: It seems like there is no end to the pain and misery of migrant workers, who have been hit the worst due to the coronavirus lockdown. Ever since the first phase of lockdown was announced, these migrant workers have been walking thousands of miles on foot, with no food and money, in an attempt to reach their homes. Also Read - Coronavirus: Migrant Worker Dies Onboard Pune-Prayagraj 'Shramik' Special Train

Now, another story of hardship has come to the fore wherein a woman migrant was forced to give birth under a roadside tree in Uttar Pradesh’s Lalitpur district on Sunday after having covered a distance of 500 kilometers on foot.

As per reports, the 26-year-old woman, had been marching for days from Dhar in Madhya Pradesh along with dozen other workers. She was eight and a half months pregnant when she set out on the journey.

However, after covering a distance of 520 kilometers, the group took a short break to prepare some food.

It is then that she developed labour pains, and in the absence of any hospital nearby, she delivered a baby girl under a roadside tree with the assistance of other women.

Thankfully, after the head of Balabheat village came to know about the incident, he sent a medical team that provided immediate medical aid to the mother and the newborn.

Chief Medical Officer of Lalitpur, Pratap Singh said: “The woman had delivered a healthy baby girl before our medical team reached the site. Later, both the mother and the newborn were given medical assistance on the spot and shifted to Primary Health Centre. Both are safe and have been sent to their destination in an ambulance.”