Splashing our social media feeds with some love and positivity amid the COVID-19 gloom, is the news of a care home for the elderly in southern Brazil whose staff developed ‘hug tunnel’ so that loved ones can come and embrace their relatives safely. Winning our hearts for showering love like confetti, in the face of the raging pandemic and an alarming increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, the gesture definitely comes as a harbinger of happiness.Also Read - Rajasthan Eases Covid-19 restrictions; Schools To Resume Physical Classes From February 1. Details HERE

The ‘hug tunnel’ is attached to one of the facility’s entrances and is a large plastic sheet with four plastic arm holes in it. The visitors and residents slide their arms into the plastic coverings to embrace their loved ones without coming in direct contact with them. Also Read - COVID Positive Man In Kolkata Donates Body For Medical Research On Infection

The idea was reportedly derived from a recent viral video where a US woman had created the same in order to hug her mother while maintaining safety precautions. The care home, Três Figueiras facility in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, decided to implement the idea last month, shortly after Mother’s Day since they noticed some residents were feeling down as the 28 senior residents had been in isolation since March 17. Also Read - International Flights: Singapore Airlines Begins Flight Operations From India Through VTL: Check Full Schedule Here

The “hug tunnel” is reportedly disinfected every 30 minutes and the visitors’ temperatures are checked along with their hands sanitised, to maintain safety before accessing the tunnel. It is also cleaned after every use. In an interview with CNN, an 81-year-old retiree living at the home, Eraldo Quintana shared her bright spirits and said, “My two daughters came to visit me and I was very happy to see them.” Though it is “different to hug someone” with the curtain of plastic in between, he added, “If we didn’t have this we would be scared to embrace due to the coronavirus.”

If this is not the most gratifying news on the Internet today, we wonder what else is!