New Delhi: Amid pictures of violent scenes against CAA in the national capital, a heartwarming image of a girl offering a red rose to a police constable as a gesture of peace has gone viral.Also Read - Anti-CAA Protests: Two People Killed in Police Firing in Mangaluru, One Dead in Lucknow

Not just her, many protesters handed out roses to security personnel, saying even if they were lathi-charged, their message would be “love in return for hatred”. Also Read - Amid CAA Protests, Nitish Kumar 'Guarantees' That No Wrong Will Be Done To Minorities

Sandeep Dhiman, a protester, was quoted by PTI as saying, “They can lathi-charge us as much as they want, we will still offer them roses. Love in return for hatred. We are ready to face their tear gas and water cannons.”

Here are some other pictures and videos which are giving citizens hope in testing times like these:

In another humanitarian gesture, the police provided refreshment to protestors who were detained at Surjmal and Rajiv Gandhi stadiums.

In turn, lawyers participating in the demonstration offered legal assistance to protestors in case they were detained by the Delhi Police.

On Thursday, a massive crowd gathered at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act after they were not allowed to hold a demonstration near the Red Fort and Mandi House.

Section 144 has been imposed in the Red Fort area after a protest march was called by some parties.

Another heartening gesture was observed in Bengaluru, as the DCP of Bengaluru Police Chetan Singh Rathore sang the national anthem as the protesters refused to vacate the venue of the protest at the Town Hall in Bengaluru.

Bowing down before the patriotic fervour of the police, protesters were forced to leave the place peacefully.