A partial lunar eclipse will occur on the auspicious day of Shravan Purnima, August 7, 2017, and there are various rituals that need to be followed according to the Hindu calendar at the time of the lunar eclipse. From maintaining Sutak or abstinence to conducting puja and chanting mantras for Chandra Grahan, the holy books have a list of rules and regulations that need to be followed by the religious believers during the time of the lunar eclipse. The partial lunar eclipse timings also affected the muhurat timing for the Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan. Lunar Eclipse 2017 in India Fosters Superstitions: Facts vs Myths on Chandra Grahan to Prepare in Time for Partial Eclipse
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The partial lunar eclipse will be visible from Asian countries like India, China, etc. and also from Africa, Australia, most of Europe and some eastern parts of South America. However, the rituals of Chandra Grahan are mainly followed in India and will spread across August 7 and August 8 as the eclipse begins late at night on August 7 and ends on August 8. The partial lunar eclipse will last for 1 hour and 55 minutes and the timings of Chandra Grahan 2017 in India is from 10:52 pm on August 7, and extends up to August 8, 12.48 am. Raksha Bandhan 2017 Date in India with Chandra Grahan Timings: Shubh Muhurat to Tie Rakhi with Puja Vidhi During Lunar Eclipse on Shravan Purnima. Also Read - Chandra Grahan 2020: Will This Penumbral Lunar Eclipse be Visible in India?

Chandra Grahan Sutak Rules & Timings

Sutak is the period of abstention observed by the Hindus, and it is customary to follow Sutak during the time of a Grahan. According to the Hindu books, the earth’s atmosphere is contaminated during the time of Chandra Grahan, and this contamination affects everything from our bodily functions to food and water that is exposed to the environment. The Grahan Sutak timings are different for elders from that of kids, sick people and the old. Sutak Begins at 12.44 pm IST on August 7 and ends on 12.48 am on August 8, 2017, for the older people. However, the Sutak timing for Kids, Old and Sick Begins at 07.11 pm IST on august 7 and ends at 12.48 am on August 8. Also Read - Chandra Grahan, November 30, 2020: People With Aries, Pisces, Virgo, Taurus And Saggitarius Zodiac Signs Need to Take Extra Care During This Lunar Eclipse

Chandra Graham Timing (Partial Lunar Eclipse)

Lunar Eclipse Starts – 22:52:54 on August 7
Lunar Eclipse Ends – 00:48:09 on August 8

Mantra to chant during Chandra Grahan

According to Hinduism, the time of Chandra Grahan brings in a lot of negative energy and toxic vibes. In order to fight off this toxicity, people are advised to pray to the almighty during the timing of the eclipse and chant mantras. The mantra, ‘tamoya mahabheem somsuryavimardan, hemtarapradanen mamah shantiprado bhavah’ is said to bring in peace and harmony to the house and avoid all negativity.

Puja Vidhi after Chandra Grahan ends

it is advised to avoid consuming any food or water during the time of the Grahan. And before the Grahan begins, these food products are protected from the polluted rays by adding leaves of tulsi, or Khusha grass to them. In addition to this, it is advised that people take bath as soon as the Grahan ends and chant the Gayatri mantra to drive away any negative energy that was brought in during the time of eclipse and to bring back positive energy. Brahmins are also advised to indulge in charity when the Grahan ends and need to give away food, clothing or any other form of goods to the needy at the end of the Sutak and Grahan timing.