Desperate times call for desperate measures but in this case it went just a little bit overboard. It has emerged that at a time when people are struggling to find transport of some kind to get back to their own homes, a liquor baron in Madhya Pradesh decided to hire a whole Airbus A320 to fly just 4 people from Bhopal to Delhi.Also Read - Frog Playing Ant Smasher on Smartphone Will Leave You Amazed But Ending Will Leave You in Splits

According to India Today, businessman Jagdeesh Arora of Som Distilleries, hired the 180-seater plane to ferry his daughter, two grandchildren and their nanny to Delhi, and that too when smaller options were available. Also Read - Caught Drinking With Friends, Peru Town Mayor Plays Dead to Avoid Arrest For Flouting COVID-19 Lockdown Rules

The aircraft is said to have been hired from Delhi to fly to Bhopal and then back again with the four passengers on board, and it all happened in the first half of Wednesday morning. Also Read - Covidiot: Not Understanding Purpose, Woman Cuts Hole in Her Face Mask so She Can Breathe

India Today said sources in the aviation department revealed that there were several other options like a six and an eight-seater plane, but Arora decided to hire the Airbus despite there being just 4 passengers.

The sources said an A320 Airbus would have cost around Rs 5 and Rs 6 lakh per hour based on the cost of the fuel and that Arora would have had to pay anything between Rs 25 to 30 lakh for the trip.