In a hilarious incident, a seemingly unprofessional thief who broke into a temple in Madhya Pradesh’s Shajapur with the intention of stealing, ended up falling asleep on a bed in the temple premises. The strange incident happened at the Lalbai-Phulbai Mata temple, where the thief initially entered the premises by breaking the lock of the room with the trident, Zee News reported.Also Read - Viral Video: Thief Shows How He Breaks Into House Through Barred Window, People Are Intrigued | Watch

However, instead of escaping with the stolen items, he sat on the bed nearby and laid down apparently too sleepy to flee. Sometime later, when the temple caretaker reached there and saw the thief sleeping, he promptly informed the police. When the police arrived, the thief was still fast asleep following which the cops tried to wake him up only to get an amusing reply from him.  The thief said he wanted to sleep some more because ‘it was too cold’ but was ultimately taken to the police station. Also Read - 'Collarwali', MP's Famous Tigress, Mother to 29 Cubs, Dies in Pench Reserve at Age of 17

At the police station, the youth was neither able to reveal his name nor anything else about his identity, as he was completely disoriented. Also Read - In True Filmy Style, Mangaluru Policeman Nabs Mobile Phone Thief After Dramatic Chase | Watch

Meanwhile, the locals have dubbed the incident as a ‘miracle’, saying how the thief wasn’t able to escape with the goods that he had stolen. Calling it ‘a miracle of the Goddess’, the temple caretaker recalled another incident wherein thieves stole everything and ran away but after a few days, they left the entire loot back.