New Delhi: A large group of people were seen thronging the banks of dry Parbati river in Madhya Pradesh’s Rajgarh district to dig mud from the river bed in in search of gold and silver coins dating back to the Mughal period. The people from the Shivpura and Garudpura villages have even been camping on the riverside for nearly three days.Also Read - Has The 'Island of Gold' Been Found? Indonesian Fishermen Discover Hidden Treasure Trove Worth Millions!

The villagers started gathering on the bank of the river after some fishermen found some coins in the area around eight days back. Speaking to news agency ANI, a local said, “Eight days back, some fishermen found some coins here. Since then, people are coming here.” Also Read - 'This is God': Mysterious Gold, Silver Jewelry Washes up on Venezuelan Beach; Villagers Are Overjoyed

According to a Hindustan Times report, the fishermen found ancient coins on the bank of river and then rumour spread that there was the presence of Mughal-era treasure in the river. With the spread of the rumour, a large number of people from various districts gathered in the village for a treasure hunt, following which there was the need of deployment of police and district administrative officers to keep a vigil on the situation and maintain law and order. Also Read - While Digging Earth, UP Villagers Find 2,000-year-old coins

Meanwhile, a resident said, “We are trying our luck 24×7 and we are sure that we will get the coins.”

Speaking on the matter, Rajgarh superintendent of police Pradeep Sharma said, “We are taking care of the law and order situation in the area with ensuring the safety of people. We are telling them not to believe in rumours.”

An investigation has been launched into this matter as Rajgarh collector Neeraj Kumar Singh said, “A few days ago, some people found some ancient coins on the bank of river of the district. Later, a rumour spread in the area about hidden treasure.”

“We have asked the archaeology department about the importance and the era of the coins. We also checked with jewellers to evaluate the value of the coins but they informed that coins are made of bronze and iron and don’t have any value. We are spreading awareness to make people understand that these coins have no value but people are not paying any attention to our request,” he added.