The quarantine is seriously egging people to come up with bizzare food combinations as after Nutella biryani, Twitter is being engulfed by a debate on maggi pani puri. Yes, you read that right and we can already feel some of the eyebrows and smiles going up simultaneously. Also Read - Netizens After Another Earthquake Jolts Delhi-Gurugram: 'Apun Toh Aadha Kabar Mein Hai'

Setting the Internet on frenzy, a Twitter user Bunny shared a picture featuring maggi noodles stuffed inside a batasha or gol gappa or pani puri as it is called in different places across India and served in a ceramic bowl. The user simply captioned it, “Maggi Pani Puri” and soon the Internet broke with a flood of reactions while the picture trended viral. Also Read - Biryani War: Twitterati Lock Horns as Pune Restaurant Hails Hyderabadi Biryani, Calls All The Others as 'Pulao'

After Gulab Jamun Pav, Kurkure Milkshake and Nutella biryani, the latest fusion food dish is keeping netizens on the edge. Taking to their respective Instagram handles, while one user wrote, “STOP BRINGING THAT PANI PURI AND MAGGI PIC ON MY TL EWWWWW (sic)”, another tweeted, “Actually.. I think pani puri maggi is a great idea. I think anything maggi is a great idea (sic)” and yet another called it her brunch.

Check out Twitter’s mixed reactions on maggi pani puri here:

Would you try this new… ummm… scrumptious dish?