Mumbai: As the entire world celebrates International Labour Day today, May 1st also marks Maharashtra Day or Maharashtra Diwas as it was on this day that the state was formed, 58 years ago.Also Read - Labour Day 2020: Here's Why May 1 Is Celebrated As International Workers' Day

It is a very significant day for the Maharashtrian people as they commemorate the formation of the state on this day.  On this day Maharashtrians recognize the importance of the state and it is an important part of their culture.


Earlier, the state of Maharashtra was known as the state of Bombay with people speaking different languages like like Marathi, Gujarati, Kutchi and Konkani. In the mid-1950s, a regional movement known as the Samyukta Maharashtra Andolan started agitations and protested demanding a separate Marathi-speaking state.

The Bombay Reorganization Act was passed by Parliament of India to divide the multilingual state of Bombay into Gujarat and Maharashtra, with Ahmedabad and Bombay serving as their respective capitals. The legislation came into effect on 1st May, 1960 with the first Maharashtra Day being observed.


To celebrate the day, a parade is held and the governor of Maharashtra addresses people gathered at the Shivaji Park in Dadar to commemorate the day. Stock markets, schools and offices across the state remain closed on this day.

However, due to the coronavirus lockdown, there will be no celebrations this year.

Meanwhile, many political leaders and netizens alike took Twitter to wish people on the occasion.

Jai Maharashtra!