It has been two years since the Malaysia Airline flight 370 went missing with 239 passengers and crew on board. The disappearance of the Malaysian flight 370 was declared as an accident official by the authorities. In a recent revelation it came to notice that the search crew has found some debris and a sand bag near the eastern African coast between Mozambique and Madagascar, which might belong to the same flight.Madagascar is fairly close to Reunion island, the place where the debris were found last year. Also Read - After Snails, Scientists Name Newly Discovered Spider Species After Teenage Climate Change Activist Greta Thunberg

The engineers are speculating that this particular piece of debris could be from MH 370. The words ‘No Step’ was stamped on it and those who found it claim that it could have been in water for past one year or so. The debris is said to be the plane’s tail section. Ocean currents could have carried this piece of debris across the coast to this side of Africa. Also Read - Death by Mosquito Bite Isn't an Accident, Says Supreme Court While Giving Judgement Related to Insurance Payout

Darren Chester, Australia’s Minister for Infrastructure and Transport confirmed that the location of the debris of Malaysian flight 370 is consistent with drift modeling commissioned by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. (ALSO READ: Wreckage found on Reunion island similar to MH 370) Also Read - Cyclone Idai: UNICEF Urges International Community to Provide Assistance to Children