A Japanese man has been busted for dating 35 women at the same time just to keep receiving birthday gifts throughout the year. The 39-year-old man, Takashi Miyagawa, who is a part-time worker with no fixed address in southern Japan’s Kansai region has been detained for defrauding the women with whom he pretended that he was in a serious relationship. The man told all his ‘girlfriends’ a different birthday date in order to make sure he had a constant supply of gifts from them.Also Read - This Umbrella Costs Rs 1.27 Lakh And Doesn't Stop Rain

As per reports, in one of the recent cases, Miyagawa told a 47-year-old lover that his birthday was on February 22, even though it actually falls on November 13. Meanwhile, he convinced another women that his birthday was in July, while a third one was fooled into thinking it occurred in April. Also Read - Viral Video: Queen Makes Surprise Appearance At London Train Station For Opening of Elizabeth Line. Watch

Photographs showing Miyagawa with many different women, including one that depicts a table with two cakes and a note saying “Happy Birthday” has been released by Japanese broadcaster MBS recently. Japanese news site, SoraNews24, has reported that the total number of women who fell victim to Miyagawa stands at 35, however, there is a high possibility of more victims of the Japanese Romeo. Also Read - Viral Video: Kili Paul Recreates Chhoti Bachi Ho Kya Dialogue With Sister Neema. Watch

The man had reportedly met the women while selling them hydrogen shower heads and other products for an unnamed company, and began each relationship on pretext of marriage. Many local sites report that not only did he cheat the women of expensive gifts, money, tailored suits for one of his birthdays, he also managed to sell them some of the shower devices that he was peddling, all for a profit. But, eventually, all his victims teamed up and formed a victims’ association, and reported Miyagawa to the police.