People come up with all kinds of excuses when they are caught speeding and this man in South Yorkshire was no different when he told cops he was going so fast because he was “desperate” for the toilet.Also Read - Newly-Married Man Dies While Performing Stunts On A Speeding Tractor For TikTok Video

The South Yorkshire Police department said that the motorist was chased after he was caught speeding at 115mph on a motorway, which is 35 mph above the national speed limit.

When he was pulled over by officers and asked as to why he was going off in such speed,  he told them he was “desperate for the toilet” having driven up from London.

In a Facebook post, South Yorkshire Police described the incident and wrote, ” The bit of kit in the picture is in one of our marked cars. The reading on the bit of kit came about when said marked car followed another vehicle along the M18 last weekend. As much as we would sometimes love to have a cloaking device in our cars, we didn’t need it for this chap. Our BMW 530, in high vis battenburg, was able to follow him for some distance without him checking his mirrors and seeing we were there.

The driver’s excuse? He was desperate for the toilet having driven all the way up from London.

Despite his desperation, he seemed able enough to sit with us quite comfortably for ten minutes while our colleague broke out his pen and spoiled some paper.”

The force said the man was ‘off to court’ to face speeding charges.