London, Aug 10 :  In a bizarre incident, a man breaching security protocols chased a flight on the runway of Madrid airport in a hope to catch it in last minutes. A video-shared by ground crew at Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport- that has gone viral on Facebook shows an unidentified man breaking through the fire escape, picking his bag and chasing a Ryanair flight to Gran Canaria at the airport. Also Read:  IndiGo pilots mistake parallel road for Jaipur Airport Runway Also Read - Mohit Chadda starrer Flight Exceeds Expectations, Critics Hail Unique Plot And Thrilling Moments

The incident reportedly took place on August 5 around 9.00 PM (local time), a day before the video surfaced on the airport’s trade union Facebook page. The 48-second video- which got 68 thousand views- criticised his actions and opined that passengers in Madrid “behave” similar way when they don’t “arrive in time”. “This is how passengers in Madrid behave when they don’t arrive in time for their flights. Also Read - Flight Movie Review: Mohit Chadda Shines in This Exciting Thriller; Get on Board Now!

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This particular passenger was missing a Ryanair’s flight and, unbelievably, skipped several security protocols established by AENA in their airports,” the post read. The man, who was not named by police, was arrested upon reaching the Canaria Island in Spain. He was later released after he was cleared of any terror motives but would still face punishment for violating security protocols, the Guardian reported.

(Image Credit: Youtube)