Utah: A man from Utah has claimed that he kept a McDonald’s hamburger for 20 years for research purposes and revealed that it still looks pretty new and ‘fresh’. Also Read - McDonald's Fires CEO Steve Easterbrook For Getting into a Relationship With Employee

David Whipple originally bought the hamburger in 1999, from a Logan outlet, and planned to use it for an experiment about enzymes. Also Read - McDonald's Permanently Removes 13 Items From Menu in Stores Re-opened in Delhi-NCR, Know More Here

‘The burger looks as if it was newly prepared but the meat in it smells like cardboard’, he said.

Though it was bought for research purposes, the burger ended up in the pocket of a coat that was forgotten about for years. The coat was then thrown to the back of his van and subsequently reached his closet in Logan.

“We moved from Logan to St. George, Utah, and it stayed there for a couple of years and I think my wife was giving the coat away or something and found it,” he said.

Apart from the pickle, which can hardly be found, the burger and the bun look almost the same after all these years, according to Whipple.

The burger was first noticed in 2013 and the story about it went viral, following which it was locked in a tin until recently. Now, more than six years later, the zombie burger is going viral all over again.

Well, Whipple isn’t the only person who claims to have a McDonald’s burger that lasted so long. In a similar kind of story, two Australian men in 2015, displayed a burger they claimed to have purchased from McDonald’s in 1995.