New Delhi: A bizarre case depicting the vaccine hesitancy prevalent among people, especially the rural population of country has come to fore in a Madhya Pradesh village. A man climbed a tree and refused to come down until the COVID vaccination camp for the day was over in  Patankalan village of Rajgarh district here, reported India Today. Not only did he climb the tree himself, he also kept his wife’s Aadhar card with him to ensure neither of them were administered vaccine doses, the report said.Also Read - Viral Video: Lion Cub Learns How to Roar, Instead Makes The Cutest Sounds Ever. Watch

The health department team had reached the village to conduct a COVID vaccination camp. All the villagers were called to the vaccination centre. Kanwarlal, a resident of the village, also arrived at the centre. But on seeing the vaccines being administered, he refused to take the jab. Due to his vaccine hesitancy, Kanwarlal climbed the tree near the vaccination centre and stayed there till the vaccination camp for the day was over. Even though his wife agreed to take the vaccine, he took her Aadhar card with him to ensure she remained unvaccinated as well. Also Read - Viral Video: Shocking Moment House Collapses Into River in China During Floods. Watch

On hearing of the incident, Khujner block medical officer Dr Rajiv visited the village and counselled Kanwarlal. “After counselling, the man’s fear has been wiped away. Now, the next time a vaccination camp is held in their village, Kanwarlal and his wife will get vaccinated,” Dr Rajiv told India Today. Also Read - Viral Video: AC Stops Working on Mumbai-Bound GoAir Flight, 3 Passengers Faint. Watch