The dreaded COVID-19 pandemic is keeping family members at a safe distance from one another, and while some are coping with it, others find it hard to. The elderly are the ones who are especially at risk from the virus, and keeping them isolated from the rest is the best way to ensure their safety. But when you have been away too long from your grandma and miss her hugs, you just have to find a way to get back in touch. Literally!Also Read - Pictures, Videos Flood Social Media as Cyclone Amphan Makes Landfall And Wreaks Havoc in Bengal And Odisha

A man in the UK found the perfect way to get the hugs he has been missing when he created a ‘cuddle curtain’ using shower curtains. Plasterer Antony Cauvin from Stratford-upon-Avon took the shower curtain and added arms to it so he could give his grandmother Lily a hug after months of not being able to. Also Read - Fact-Check: How Much Truth Do These Popular Claims About Coronavirus And Its Treatment Hold

A video, which was filmed by his wife Miriam, showed the two putting their arms through the sleeves and hugging one another. It was a heartwarming scene to watch. Also Read - I Was Aware There Was Plan B in Case I Died, Says Britain Prime Minister Boris Jonhson

The effort was very much appreciated by Mahindra chairman Anand Mahindra who termed it a ‘life-changing one’ which is ‘as important as the vaccine everyone has been waiting for’. In the clip, which he shared on his Twitter page, Mahindra added other similar videos of elderly people hugging their grand children.

Where Antony Cauvin is concerned, he revealed that the sleeves and the curtain itself are disinfected after each hug, and anyone wanting to use it, will have to wear their own pair of disposable gloves for extra safety. For the time being, he has left it at his grandparents’ garden so the seven other grandchildren and three great-grandchildren can also get their cuddles.