Bhopal: With an aim to protect his sister, a man in Madhya Pradesh’s Naya village dressed up as a woman to teach his sister’s harasser a lesson, however the plan backfired. Notably, Sonu who is a professional theatre actor and often plays female roles, dressed himself in a saree to teach his sister’s harassers a lesson. He named himself Sonia and called Mitthu Lal Bhil who was harassing his sister and went on a bike ride with him at night, India Today reported.Also Read - Internet is in Love With This Dulha's Bollywood Style Entry to His Shaadi Venue, WATCH Viral Video

However, things soon started to get pretty weird! Both of them went on to get drunk and somehow ended up getting caught by the police. Wondering how? Well, as they were seen riding around on bike, villagers grew suspicious thinking that they are thieves and contacted the police. While Mitthu fled with the bike, Sonia aka Sonu was caught.

“During the night patrol, a call was received from Chavandia village that a young man and a woman were seen on a bike. The villagers had caught them on suspicion of being thieves, the young man ran away with a bike, but the villagers managed to stop the woman,” said Ram Singh, the police in charge of Sawaipur police station.

When Sonia was interrogated by the police, he revealed herself to be a man and told the police that he did all this to protect his sister. He told the cops about Mitthu Lal Bhil and how he used to harass his sister. He wanted to take revenge and hence decided to dress up as a woman. As he played the role of Sonia in the local village theatre, it was not difficult for him to disguise himself as a woman. Heeding to his complains, the police started looking for Mitthu. Finally, after an hour-long search, the police caught Mitthu who had been hiding in the bushes.

Well, all’s well that end’s well.