Technological advances have led to various unbelievable moments, and the football finals at the 2017 Portuguese Cup saw one such wizardry as a flying man delivered the match ball to the referee. A man surfing on a spider-like drone delivered the match ball, and the entire event was a sight to watch. The video of this incident at the Taca de Portugal Cup received a lot of attention as people could not believe their eyes and the entire episode looked like the work of some skilled special effects. The Benfica vs Vitoria de Guimaraes finals saw this unique ball man who flew through the field in a matter of seconds.

According to reports, the man on drone flew for around 70 metres to deliver the ball before the match. The man was seen flying his hover-board shaped drone, and the video of him levitating is a spectacular sight that has already garnered more than three lakh views. The match footage shows the man take the flight and make a professional landing as people covered in raincoats cheered on. The biggest mystery is the reason behind this special and out of the box entry which was not revealed.

The ball’s arrival before match gained a lot of attention, and the video showed some brilliant prospects for the future of sports. The ball’s arrival was followed by Benfica bagging the cup by beating Vitoria Guimaraes 2-1. Raul Jimenez and Eduardo Salvio from Benfica scored two early goals which helped them maintain a lead and win the game. What is interesting about the video is that the weather was rather rough and the man flew through driving rain before nailing the landing game.

Here is the video of the man flying on drone

It is traditionally normal for the match delivery styled to be out of the box and extremely extravagant. However, the drone entry at the Taca de Portugal Cup clearly takes the award for the most freakish and wacky entries. As for extravagant entries of the match ball, one ball was delivered in the Madejski through a helicopter which landed on the field and created quite a buzz.