In what could be one of the dumbest and a quite painful way of smuggling people through airport customs and checks, two men have been arrested for attempting just that. The incident took place at Peru airport where the officials thought that there was something not right about the behaviour of the man carrying a large black bag. When they approached the man, he got nervous. Also Read - Hyderabad International Airport Bags Best Airport Award in Asia-Pacific Region for 2020

Nervous behaviour by a passenger with a large bag is not a settling feeling for the airport security staff. Sniffer dogs were brought to sniff if there was any kind of incendiary device or narcotics of any kind. The man understood that there is no way out of this dire situation and opened the bag himself. o the surprise of the security staff, a conscious man emerged from the suitcase who looked confused to have security men and dogs staring at him. Also Read - Singapore's Changi Airport Pics: Inside World's Best Airport With Largest Indoor Waterfall

Airport officials later revealed that the man who was in the bag was trying to sneak out of the country. It is not clear why but we can only assume that he could have a criminal record or some other reason is also likely that prevents him from leaving Peru by any legal way. The video was taken by an amazed traveller who wanted to record the reason for all the commotion that was happening around him at the Jorge Chavez International Airport. Also Read - Man Hides at Airport for Nearly 90 Days, Tells this Reason to Police