Houston: On Thursday, a man was removed from an American Airlines flight for refusing to take off a full-gas mask while traveling from Dallas to Houston. Attendants asked him to remove the mask after passengers started to complain and panic, but he refused.Also Read - Coronavirus Outbreak: Second Batch of 330 Passengers From Wuhan Arrive in India; Fresh Advisory Issued | Top Developments

According to Fox News, the Dallas to Houston flight had to be delayed for an hour because of the whole commotion. Finally, the man, whose identity is still unknown was escorted off the plane. Also Read - Chinese Tech Firms Using Big Data Apps to Help Fight Coronavirus Outbreak

A Twitter user Joseph D S shared a picture of the man wearing the black-colored gas mask, and wrote, “Just FYI flight 2212 to Houston was delayed an hour because you let this guy on the plane wearing a gas mask. This then panicked people on the plane and we had to wait for him to be escorted off.” Also Read - Students Should Stay in Wuhan as Medical Facilities in Pakistan Don't Meet Standards to Treat Coronavirus: Ambassador to China

A spokesperson for American Airlines confirmed the incident to Fox News, adding that the passenger was later rebooked on the next flight to Houston on Thursday night and flew without the mask.

However, given the fears regarding the spread of the deadly coronavirus, many people defended the man in mask, who according to them was just practising caution to protect himself from possible infection.