In a restaurant named Skillets in Naples in Florida, a man left a tip of $10,000 before the restaurant was forced to shut amid the massive coronavirus outbreak. The owner of the restaurant shared the news of the kind gesture by the customer and wrote that there are “truly fantastic people in the world.” Also Read - Florida Park Partially Closed After A Large Number of Snakes Were Found Having Sex Near Lake

He added, “We have an amazing Skillets family that extends to our guests as well,” Edlund said. “We couldn’t be happier to be a part of a community where this type of generosity exists.”

Edlund told the local newspaper, the Naples Daily News, that the customer handed $10,000 in cash to the manager of the restaurant last week, a day before the state’s governor ordered to shut all restaurants in the area.

“It’s funny because we have regulars who have been coming in forever, and they’re our friends but we don’t always know their names,” said the owner.

“We know their faces, their orders, their favorite tables, but we don’t know exactly who they are.”

Currently, there are over 160,000 cases of coronavirus in the United States and the numbers are growing rapidly across the globe. President Trump in his latest speech asked all Americans to make themselves ready and prepared for a significant lockdown as number of deaths due to coronavirus is increasing in the country.

The White House’s coronavirus coordinator has also issued a warning stating that the pandemic could kill as many as 200,000 Americans. So far, the virus has affected China, Italy and America the most.