New Delhi: A 30-year-old man from the United States with bipolar disorder survived a near-death experience after injecting himself with a self-made ‘magic’ mushroom tea, which contain the psychedelic drug psilocybin. As per reports, the man injected himself with the tea hoping it would cure his bipolar disorder. Also Read - This Woman Ordered an Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, Receives Apple Flavoured Yogurt Drink Instead

However, it turned out to be a failed attempt as psychedelic mushrooms are not meant to be injected. As a result, the mushrooms grew in the man’s bloodstream and caused his body to go into organ failure. At present, he is being treated with long-term use of antifungals and antibiotics. Also Read - Unable to Pay Rs 500 Fine, Woman Hands Over 'Mangalsutra' to Traffic Cops

According to a report in the Journal of the Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry, the man’s family brought him to a Nebraska emergency room after they noticed he seemed confused. The man was suffering from bipolar disorder type 1, and as per the doctors who wrote the case study, the man wasn’t taking his medications, so had been going through manic and depressive episodes. And during recent episodes related to his bipolar disorder, he had researched how he could decrease his opioid use at home and injected the tea, his family said. Also Read - Rahul Gandhi's Viral Photo Reveals His 'Boxer Abs', Netizens Ask For Fitness Tips

The man boiled the mushrooms in water, filtered the liquid through a cotton swab, and then injected the substance into his bloodstream. And, a couple of days later, he started to become overly tired, vomited blood, and developed jaundice, diarrhea, and nausea. Following which, his family took him to the hospital, said a report.

After he was admitted at a hospital, the doctors found he had a liver injury, his kidneys weren’t functioning properly, and he had started to go into organ failure. His blood sample also revealed that the mushrooms, which thrive in dark places, had begun to grow in the man’s bloodstream, causing the aforementioned health issues. The man was immediately put on a ventilator to breath and had his blood filtered for toxins, the case report said.

The man was admitted at the hospital for over 20 days and was undergoing treatment and medications which he was prescribed to continue taking for the long term after he left the hospital.