This video shows the most lucky man on earth. While we have seen horrific road accidents on You Tube, the man who otherwise could have been crushed did not seem to have even had an injury. The accident happened at a crossover junction. The man who turned lucky was cycling from one side of the road when he almost  got hit by a red car which was speeding from the opposite direction of the road. Also Read - Khap Panchayat in Rajasthan Forces Man, Woman to Bathe Publicly to 'Wash off Sins'

It seems that the car driver had lost control over the brakes. Just when the car was about to hit the man on bicycle, it rammed into a truck coming from another road. Although the truck driver was riding it at a slow pace, the intensity of the force of the car pushed it to other end of the road and it toppled beneath a tree. (Also Read: Man purposely rams car into woman’s car for minor accident!) Also Read - Karnataka Man Celebrates House Warming Ceremony With Late Wife's Silicon Wax Statue, Emotional Twitter Says 'This Is True Love'

The car which caused the accident hit the truck and left its boot door flying in the air and then crashed itself in to the footpath. While the tragic incident was going on, the man on bicycle did nothing in particular to save himself and luckily did not even have an injury. After the truck fled past him, he stood shocked at what had just happened. Also Read - Such a Miracle! Narrow Escape For Biker As Bolero Rams into Speeding JCB | Watch Jaw-Dropping Video

We don’t come over such miracles daily. It seems that it was early morning during the accident because of which the road was comparatively empty, or else such an accident could have claimed lives.