In a desperate attempt to impress his girlfriend ahead of Valentine’s Day, a man in Thailand did something that landed him in hospital. Interestingly, the unnamed man tried to enlarge his penis with a metal ring as he wanted to impress his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. However, he was left with uncontrollable pain and massive swelling in his private parts for two days, following which he was rushed to the hospital. According to the Sun, the man who hails from Bangkok, told doctors that he had been excited about seeing a woman for a date on Sunday and “just wanted to impress her”. Also Read - 3 Days For Wife, 3 Days For Girlfriend: Jharkhand Police's Innovative Idea Leaves Man With One Off

The man reportedly believed that putting his genitals through a nut would enlarge it and strengthen it by forcing blood into the glands. Without thinking of the risks, he tool out a steel nut from his toolbox and slipped it over his penis using baby oil on Friday. But his plan went downhill as the metal ring got stuck and wouldn’t come off despite several attempts. Meanwhile, the pain and swelling also increased, forcing him to call emergency services on Saturday afternoon.

“I was terrified that I would need my penis amputated. It had swollen so much that I thought it would burst,” the Daily Star quoted the man as saying.

At the hospital, the metal ring was carefully sliced through with a metal-cutter in an hour-long operation as the man cried with pain. He was also given antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory cream to reduce the swelling.

“This was one of the strangest cases we have ever encountered. Most of the time it’s only people getting their finger stuck in a ring, so it was surprising when we arrived at the man’s house and he had his penis stuck in there,” rescue volunteer Winai Pong said. He added, “We knew that cutting the nut wouldn’t be a problem, as we used the same technique with finger rings, but we were just worried about the pain the man would be experiencing while removing it.”

Though there was no  permanent damage to his penis, he was unable to go on his date.