The coronavirus pandemic has not been easy for women who have to brave various demons, men and snakes every other day and a recent CCTV footage from a petrol pump in Maharashtra is proof of the same. In a shocking incident that took place in Maharashtra’s Buldana district, a customer got angry with the workers when they refused to give him petrol in a bottle. Also Read - 'Aap Safar Me Humesha Rahenge Bhai'! Siddhant Chaturvedi Remembers Sushant Singh Rajput With a Video That Brought Dreams in His Eyes

Driven by rage, the man released poisonous snakes inside the cabin of the gas station owner where a woman was seated. The CCTV recording shows a man releasing two poisonous cobras and a rat snake into the office where the woman was still seated on duty and close to where the snakes were thrust. Also Read - Senior Advocate Smokes Hookah During Virtual Hearing Of Rajasthan HC, Judge Says 'Not at This Age'

While the huge snake slithered under one of the furnitures kept inside the office, after being thrown out of a bag, the woman got up and walked out of the cabin with remarkable cool. The Twitterati were full of praises for the woman after a user shared the CCCTV footage on the micro-blogging site. One lauded, “OMG…but I admire the lady. If the things went worse, she would have captured those snakes and thrown on the face of the guy who left it inside (sic)”, while another commented, “Daring lady…(sic)” Also Read - Children in this Remote Maharashtra Village Speak Japanese, Thanks to their Passion for Robotics

Check out the video here:

While the woman deserves a bow for her calmness, we hope the man is made accountable for his sick action.