Every workplace has a dress code and more often than not they are designed with not keeping comfort in mind. Whether it is about heels skirts for women or formal shoes and suits for men nobody in their right frame of mind can term them as comfort wear. A few companies have come up with the notion of business casuals where people can dress up however they please but with a few restrictions. In India many offices especially in media have resorted to this practice but abroad this is one rule that they are adamant about. Shorts, three-quarters and floaters are common in India also because of the climatic conditions and wearing shoes and waddling through monsoon will not be feasible. However, a British man was sent home from work on Monday because he chose to wear shorts to office in the midst of a heat wave. In retaliation he wore a bright pink dress and returned to his place of work.Also Read - Scotland Detects 6 Omicron COVID Variant Cases, UK Total at 9

Joey Barge wondered on Twitter that why women are allowed to wear skirts and dresses to work while men were denied similar comfort. He posted a picture of himself in shorts as he was about to leave his car and enter into the office. Within an hour he was sent home to change into more appropriate work attire. However, this treatment did not deter him and rather wearing a pair of trousers to appease his bosses; the 20-year-old donned a bright pink dress and returned to the call center where he worked. He took a selfie in the dress and posted on Twitter. He also provided proof of how hot it was expected to get that day. Woman fired for not wearing bra from the Bird & Beer pub in Yorkshire, UK! Also Read - World On Alert As UK Reports Omicron Covid Variant. What We Know So Far

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His tweets since then has gone viral and received hundreds of likes and retweets. Joey Barge expected to be sent home because of his guts to wear shorts but the company issued a memo announcing change in policy. The memo stated that due to extremely warm temperatures currently men can wear shorts but only in sober colours like black, navy or beige only. Joey Barge was a hero on Twitter and people were actually complimenting him on the fact that he looks better in the dress than in shorts. Joey Barge expected to get sent home again and change his clothing since they had changed the policy and issued the memo but he said that he was happy to stay. He told Daily Mail, “I got sent home and told to change into appropriate clothing but it said females could wear dresses so hey ho! They said it was a bit too colourful and asked if I wanted to go home and change because they were letting us wear shorts because of my “protest” — but I said I was happy to stay.”