Mexico: There’s a reason why there are different medicines for human beings and animals. But a man in Mexico, seemed to have forgotten that and ended up in hospital after he consumed a sexual stimulant ‘used for breeding bulls’. Also Read - Do You Fail to Get Erection? These are the 5 Common Reasons of Not Getting an Erection Apart From Erectile Dysfunction

The man reportedly bought the medicine, known as ‘bull viagra’, in the city of Veracruz, as he was planning to have a sexual encounter with a 30-year-old woman and didn’t want to under-perform. Also Read - Evolution of Penises and Vaginas in Sea Creatures: Dead Dolphin Penises Given Erection For Fake Sex Experiment

However, his plan backfired, because after taking the tablet, he went on to develop an erection for a full three days. Initially, he tried to play it cool, but after the medicine’s effects didn’t seem to wear off, he was forced to seek medical help. Also Read - Sex Toys Used To Give Turtles Erections and Reveal Penis! Scientists Claim Vibrators Will Help Extinction of Species

“He was hospitalised in the Specialised Hospital 270 of the city of Reynosa, he had taken a sexual stimulant which he had bought in Veracruz, used by farmers in that region to invigorate bulls for insemination,” the doctors said.

As per the Brazilian newspaper La República, doctors then had to carry out urgent surgery to treat the man’s erection. After the procedure was performed there have been no further updates on the patient’s condition.

Meanwhile, doctors also told him, that if this condition was left untreated, his penile tissue would have been damaged or destroyed beyond repair.

Studies say that an erection can become a medical emergency if it has persisted for more than four hours. Hope this serves as a lesson!