New Delhi: In a shocking video that is going viral over the internet, a man can be seen transporting thousands of bees on his arm quite comfortably as he walked through the street. The squirming video of the guy who is assumed to be a beekeeper was filmed while he was carrying the bee queen in his fist along with the swarm of bees .Also Read - Bureau of Energy Efficiency to Recruit 8 Full Time and 12 Part Time Sector Experts

The viral video was reportedly shot in the Dominican Republic, where the cameraman asks the beekeeper if he doesn’t get stung by the bees, to which the man simply replies: ‘They know their owner.” On being asked if the bees produce honey on him, the man said, “No, I’m going to put them in a box now.” Also Read - Itanagar: Student makes stunning invention, creates special 'goggles' for blind

“And do you have the queen on your hand? Because they are where their queen is,” asks the cameraman. “Yes. I have it in my fist,” the beekeeper confirms. Also Read - 27 Chhath devotees injured in honey bee attack

Watch the video here:

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