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This video gives you a sneak peek into one of the unanswered questions and a never ending cold war between the two genders regarding periods. Every time a woman goes through this biological process they keep complaining about the  terrible pain, mood swings and heavy loss of blood that they have to go through during periods. Guys feel that the pain is pretty much bearable, but it’s actually not. Old Delhi Films have raised such an issue which no one even thought of. They went ahead and asked what would it be like if guys had periods! But the question was not only directed to the guys, they also took an opinion from both genders. Also Read - Google to Move Hangouts Users to Free Chat Service Next Year

The central point of the issue was what if guys had periods? Girls spoke their hearts out and kept a strong opinion along with specific justifications whereas guys also agreed and said they would have understood the problems faced by the girls. At the beginning of  the survey girls start giggling even at the whole idea but  gradually start opening up about the issue. Guys never ever understand women and their problems especially when it comes to their menstruation cycle and its effects. If guys would have got periods it’s obvious that they would have understood what a women goes through every month. They would have been surely dead with such unbearable pain confess a lot of girls on the video. This is the time when the guys will understand why girls irritate them and whats all behind their mood swings? Also Read - Gandhi Jayanti 2020: Google Launches Online Exhibition Of Postcards Inspired By Mahatma Gandhi

The best part of the video starts when guys start responding to the toughest question. Some of the stupid answers given by them was “we will Google to search more about it.” Apart from that there were some intellectual and smart opinions put forth by the gentlemen – if we could have got periods then we can probably understand the difficulties faced by the women and the hardships they go through.

Here is the video, do watch and let us know what your take on it ? What if they were actually capable of having periods?