It has now become commonplace for patients to be awake and performing activities while their brain is being operated upon. We have come across various instances of patients singing, playing guitar or violin while they are fully awake and alert.Also Read - 24 kg Tumour Successfully Removed From Aligarh Man's Stomach After 4-Hour-Long Surgery

In a recent instance, a 33-year-old patient watched reality TV show Bigg Boss, and Hollywood sci-fi movie ‘Avatar’ in order to stay awake while doctors performed a brain surgery on him. The incident happened in Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur wherein neurosurgeons performed an extremely critical surgery on the man who had to stay awake during the surgery.

While surgeons removed a recurrent glioma in the left premotor area, Vara Prasad enjoyed the show and the movie on a laptop. Prasad was operated earlier as well in 2016 in Hyderabad, but was not able to recover fully.

He was discharged from the hospital on Saturday after recovery.

Watch the video here:

Notably, awake brain surgery is a type of procedure performed on the brain while you are awake and alert. This allows doctors to monitor the patient while they are intervening on brain functions and the idea is to keep the patient engaged.

In June this year, a 60-year-old Italian woman prepared 90 stuffed olives in less than an hour while having an operation to remove a brain tumour. The woman pitted olives, stuffed them with meat and cheese, and then carefully rolled them over bread crumbs and prepared 90 of them in under an hour.