A video of a violent man thrashing a boy whose face was covered while he warned people against making MayMay (Memes) went viral just a few days ago. The violent video, which is being called as a film that warns people to form touching, sentimental subjects showed a very disturbing side of our country and the comments, as well as the content of the video, irked many. Even as Deepak Sharma, the man behind the violent video, says that the video was a film to spread awareness, netizens protested this bizarre video by making him a viral meme! Man Posts Video of Thrashing Boy For Making Memes, Calls it a Film to ‘Spread Awareness’
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The viral MayMay video showed Deepak Sharma bashing up a boy as he yelled at the camera that people need to stop making memes ‘against his religion’ and also confessed that he had extorted the boy from his house. The video which was posted on Facebook as well as YouTube instantly went viral as people began to share the violence being inflicted and the Internet did the unthinkable by turning the man into a meme! From jokes on SharmaJi ka beta to memes GoT jokes on Deepak Sharma’s qualifications, twitter is now protesting in the most non-violent and hilarious way possible. Also Read - Cloudburst : From Jammu And Kashmir to Himachal Pradesh, Watch When And Where Nature’s Fierce Form Was Seen

Deepak Sharma spoke about the entire incident to the press and clarified that the entire video was picturised as a warning! Deepak also said that the main intention of this video was to spread awareness about the effects of making as well as sharing videos that may hurt various religious sentiments. The man was allegedly from Jaipur, and the police have also confirmed that they are investigating the report and will be taking appropriate action against the culprit. Meanwhile, Twitterate had a field day as they made various jokes, memes and GIFs on Deepak Sharma and his fight against MayMays. Also Read - Viral Video: Cat Curiously Watches Gymnasts Perform at Tokyo Olympics on TV, Tries to Catch Them | Watch

MayMay makers be like

Raising the temperature with all these degrees

Rare Picture of Deepak Sharma

Flirting level: Deepak Sharma


Even Jon Snow knows something

SharmaJi ka Beta FTW!

And finally let’s make MayMay great again!

While the jokes and memes on Deepak Sharma are here to stay, we cannot say the same about those disturbing videos. YouTube and Facebook have already taken the video down for publicising bullying and promoting violence. Jaipur Police are investigating the entire issue, and Deepak Sharma is still confidently standing by his ‘film’ and calling it educational. However, the internet surely won this round by shutting down the bully in style with a lot of MayMays!