Cheating boyfriend’s beware of the wrath of a scorned woman. In an incredible video, a woman sets the penis of her allegedly cheating boyfriend on fire. The video is funny because a woman did it but can you imagine the reactions of the world if a cheating girlfriend’s vagina or breast is lit on fire by her boyfriend. Such is the world but let’s get past that for now. Also Read - Twitter User Says He Wants to Meet His Girlfriend Amid Lockdown, Mumbai Police's Witty Reply Wins The Internet

The couple were obviously in the relationship and it was not a one night stand from what we can gather. The man is sleeping on a comfortable bed wearing socks and his briefs. The woman sets the camera before starting to record her revenge and pours lighter fluid or some sort of inflammable liquid most likely kerosene on the man’s briefs. [View: Penis Festival in Japan] Also Read - Samsung Phone Suddenly Explodes Into Flames Inside Man’s Bag, Video Terrifies Netizens | Watch

She is generous enough to not be generous with the lighter fluid as she pours just a bit of the liquid on the man’s hope of continuing his family name. She brings a barbecue lighter and very calmly lights the man’s twig and berries on fire. Within seconds the man wakes up to start dabbing his crotch to stop the flames from burning his hopes of any more dates, ever. The woman starts ranting abuses and explains for us, the viewers and blames her boyfriend about how she found out that he cheated in the relationship by indulging in adultery with her co-worker. Let this be a lesson to all you cheating men out there. This goes for you too women. If you are not happy in the relationship, leave! Or you can get the flame treatment like this man experienced. Watch the funnily painful video below. Also Read - 5 Dead After Fire Breaks Out at Rajdhani Hospital in Raipur