Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar made some really shocking statements regarding girls drinking beer  was not met with much enthusiasm or applause because of the patriarchal statements and sexism it ensued. Manohar Parrikar was reported as saying that he is worried because even girls have started consuming alcohol. Reportedly he said, “I have begun to fear now because even the girls have started drinking beer. The tolerance limit is being crossed. I am not talking about everyone. I am not talking about these people who are sitting here,” addressing the State Youth Parliament, an event organized by the state Legislature Department in Goa. Manohar Parrikar might have been quoted out of context and misunderstood but his statements have opened a Pandora’s Box on social media. Twitterati was highly amused and they came up with sarcastically funny tweets. Manohar Parrikar’s sexist remark caused a huge uproar on Twitter. Also Read - Women Belong In The Kitchen: Burger King Tweets And Flood Gates Open

Manohar Parrikar also spoke about the narcotics trade in Goa and said that a crackdown on the drug network has been relentlessly going on and will continue till the drugs are not out of the state. He has issued strict actions against the drug trade and asked the police to not be lenient in their pursuit of drug peddlers. Manohar Parrikar said, “I have no belief that it will come down to zero. I personally do not believe that there is much proliferation (of drugs) in colleges.” However, it was his beer drinking remark on girls that brought him ire from the Twitterati. Sample a few tweets below. Mother Called Gay Bar For Advice on Son’s Sexual Revelation, Bartender’s Heartwarming Reply is a Must-Read Also Read - From Passion to Books, Beauty & Food: This is What Indian Women Are Talking About on Twitter

Is that drunk talk?

Beer is nothing

Girls are giving tough competition here too

Today’s Outrage Topic

Another drink is more fearsome

Ooh, such sarcasm

Makes sense, no?

Sexism once again

What to do with the advice


Oh well, people are questioning the sense behind the statement

Manohar Parrikar is the only IIT graduate ever to become a Chief Minister of a state and he is also a very popular and highly respected man. However, with this patriarchal and sexist statement he has ridiculed his own popularity and stature. After all, why is that everything that happens in a society becomes the fault of a woman? Why are men not blamed for anything? If Manohar Parrikar is so concerned about tolerance then why is he not keeping a check on the fact that men consume alcohol much more than women do, and as rightly questioned by Twitterati, is it fine for a boy to drink but a girl cannot consume alcohol.